Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back home with the loot

The jersey was worn on home game Tuesdays
by pitcher Michael Cedarroth. I won it in a
silent auction Friday. The lunch box was the
giveaway for Sunday's regular season finale;
It appears that while I was taking a last-chance view of the Cedar Rapids Kernels this weekend that

  • Brian Dozier continued to do his Harmon Killebrew impersonation and
  • Bryon Buxton had the best five-game stretch of his major league career.

I'm sure I'll have things to say about both in the future ... I've said plenty in the past, after all. But for the next few days I'll post about who and what I saw in the Midwest League games I attended.

What we have here for art is the baseball loot my wife and I brought home Monday.

The Kernels wore these jerseys, based on the Twins jerseys of 1991 (note the World Series patch on the right shoulder), for Tuesday home games. They held a silent auction during Saturday's game. I bid on the Michael Cedaroth jersey and won.

And who, you may ask, is Michael Cedaroth? He's one of the many college relief pitchers the Twins have selected with high draft picks in recent years (specifically, their third-round pick in 2014). He's had some injury issues -- only appeared in 11 games last year, 30 games this year. He struck out 61 men this year for the Kernels in 47.2 innings -- and walked 33. He had a nice ERA (2.45), but that's too many walks.

The other goodie is a lunchbox. We hadn't intended to go to Monday's game, but my wife wanted one of the giveaway lunchboxes, and it was a noon start, so we delayed our departure from Cedar Rapids a couple hours, collected a box, and took off after the first inning, with fans still filing into the park. So we missed the Kernels' one win of the weekend, and Cedaroth's only appearance of the three games we went to.

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