Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rehabbing Sano

He's a third baseman. He's a right fielder. He's a designated hitter.

He's still on his major league rehab assignment.

Miguel Sano's last major league action came May 31. He started his rehab assignment in Rochester on Friday, and with Trevor Plouffe sidelined at that point by a groin strain, the rehab plan was refocused on getting Sano ready to play third base, perhaps as soon as tonight in Chicago.

But on Sunday Plouffe was back in the lineup (and hitting a home run). And Sano was wrapping up a one-hit weekend in which the reports were that he was obviously rusty. The rehab stint, it was announced, will be at least six days, not the three that was raised as a possibility, and right field is back in the picture.

On Monday Sano homered for the Red Wings. He also struck out twice and was charged with an error in right field.

He'll be back with the Twins soon enough. What he'll be doing with the Twins is unknown. It's become pretty obvious that the Twins are making it up on the fly, reacting to other variables. And with Terry Ryan promising trades in the coming weeks, keeping their options open is probably wise.

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