Friday, June 24, 2016

On Perkins' surgery

I almost missed this one in Thursday's barrage of tweets about the NBA draft and Brexit:

I can't recall hearing before of a specific pitcher whose labrum had to be reattached, but it probably has happened before.

Neal says this likely stretches out the timeline for Perkins' return. My expectations were already so low that I'm not sure this dampens them. Shoulder surgeries of whatever ilk -- labrum, rotator cuff -- have a pretty poor track record. I can think of a few relievers who have had them and eventually recovered their form (Jesse Crain and Grant Balfour being two, although Balfour also had Tommy John at the same time), but they are the minority.

That the damage found once the joint was opened is worse is doubtless a blow to Perkins' hopes. It also, I dare say, illustrates the basic foolishness of hiding injuries.

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  1. Absolutely true, any macho attitudes about being tough enough to pitch through injury is a fool's game. Pain is telling a person that something is wrong. Heed those warnings.

    It is way easier to fix any problem when it is small and manageable.

    It has not been the culture of athletes to do that. But, effectiveness is immediately sacrificed and in this instance probably Perkins' future. The last good appearance I recall was his lights out performance in the All-Star game.