Saturday, May 14, 2016

Notes, quotes and comment II

On Friday morning I noted Baseball America's Mock Draft 2.0. Later on Friday, BA issued Mock Draft 3.0.

The high school pitcher they had had the Twins taking at No. 14 in the previous mock in this one goes five picks earlier to the Chicago White Sox. This time they have the Twins taking right-hander Dakota Hudson of Mississippi State.

They also link the Twins to Zach Burdi, brother of Nick Burdi, a bullpen prospect of note currently on the disabled list with Class AA Chattanooga. Like his elder brother, Zach is the closer for the University of Louisville. The idea of two Burdis in the bushes is intriguing, but No. 14 overall is a bit high for a reliever. Of course, the Twins have drafted a lot of college relievers and moved them to starting.


Yeah, it is. Twins now 8-26.


Byung Ho Park, whose Baseball Reference page is sponsored by yours truly, hit a pair of homers Friday in Cleveland. That's nine on the season for Park Bang, and if you want to play the on-pace game, he's on pace for roughly 45 homers. And about 75 RBIs, because eight of those homers have been solo shots.

Which, especially since this game was in Cleveland, reminds me of Brook Jacoby, third baseman for the 1987 Indians. He hit .300 that year with 32 homers and just 69 RBIs, Why so few ribbies? Because he spent the year hitting behind Joe Carter (.304 on-base percentage with 32 homers) and Cory Snyder (.272 OPB with 33 homers.) Only five of Jacoby's homers that year came with men on base.


  1. I think the Twins still list RBI as their favorite stat.

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