Monday, May 2, 2016

More sloppy ball

Detroit third baseman Mike Aviles is waiting for Miguel
Sano to slide into the final out of Sunday's game.

The box score suggests the Twins played a clean, mistake free game Sunday, The box score is wrong.

The Monday print column focused on the wild pitches as a slice of the sloppy baseball the Twins played in April.

May didn't start any better, even if there were no official wild pitches. (A pitch did elude Kurt Suzuki, but the runner was going and it was ruled a stolen base, not a wild pitch.) The Tigers scored the go-ahead run when shortstop Eduardo Escobar dropped a relay throw, and Miguel Sano ended the game by getting thrown out at third base. Not a smart play by Sano at all.

Even if the Twins had won that eminently winnable game, it still would have been a poor homestand. The loss merely made that homestand worse.

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