Monday, March 21, 2016

Sano in right field

Miguel Sano reaches for a fly ball in Sunday's game.
He dropped it for his first charged error of the spring.
The Monday print column highlighted the competition for the Twins reserve outfield role(s).

On Sunday, something happened that might have boosted the chances for somebody like Darin Mastroianni as opposed to somebody like Oswaldo Arcia: Miguel Sano committed an error in right field.

The big man has not be tested often during exhibition games. This was, I believe, the second time the "ugly finder" rule -- the ball will find a poor fielder -- has come into play in spring training.

I'd like to say two bad plays in three weeks isn't a terrible ratio, but it's spring training, and he's not playing every inning of every game.

Back to first principles here: The Twins are not going to make a panic "it's isn't working" move. Sano is going to be the right fielder. There are going to be misplays. He's working on it.

But Sunday's error highlights the question: Will Paul Molitor feel forced to use a more certain defensive right fielder late in close games? Obviously he'd rather keep Sano's bat in the lineup than remove him; leads can be lost without balls going to right field.

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