Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pic of the Week

A worker at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers hangs a digit
on the park's Fenway scoreboard replica.

Jet Blue Park, the spring training home of the Red Sox, was designed to match Fenway Park's dimensions. Part of that -- the most famous -- is the "Green Monster," Fenway's mammoth left field wall, which features a hand-operated scoreboard.

The original scoreboard is run from inside. Which is how I figured it was done in "Fenway South."

But no. I noticed while attending Wednesday's game that a guy ran out at the end of each inning with a stepladder to hang the new digits. (And in mid-inning when a run scored as well.)

This had my wife speculating that the help wanted ad for the job included a line that said something like: "Must be able to sprint while carrying a ladder."

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