Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Outfield options: Danny Santana

Whatever outfield work Miguel Sano is getting this winter in the Dominican is apparently limited to pregame activities. Not so with Danny Santana:

That kind of versatility figures to be vital for Santana. Like Oswaldo Arcia, Santana is out of options. His best shot for a major league career at this point appears to be as a utility player. Unlike Arcia, he has the multiple tools to apply to such a role. He can run, throw and switch hit, although I don't think he can hit enough to be a Ben Zobrist-type of utility regular.

For what it's worth, Terry Ryan indicated on Monday (the first day of the winter meetings) that acquiring a fourth outfielder is on his agenda, if not at prominently as adding to the bullpen. Ryan and Company love their proven veterans, but considering how stubborn they've been about Santana's talent eventually emerging, I would think Santana would be more prominent in their thinking about that bench spot.

It's even possible that the Twins might open 2016 with Santana in their outfield on a regular basis. That would probably mean sending Byron Buxton to Rochester and deciding that they can't afford to have both Arcia and Sano in the corners. But even if that's the route they go in April, it won't last long. 

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  1. I do not see Arcia as a long term Twin. He is too enamored with tape measure HR's to be a reliable hitter.

    His role has been filled by Byung.

    Maybe he is traded to someone who figures out how to get through to him. But, he is only taking up space here.