Monday, September 7, 2015

Notes, quotes and comment

I split Sunday's game between the radio broadcast and the TV, and I'm not sure which announcer said it, but supposedly Torii Hunter was displeased that he was out of the lineup on Saturday.

Which doesn't surprise me but does give me some sour amusement. Does Hunter really believe he's playing so well that he has to be in the lineup? Maybe not, but I'm sure he believes his recent performance understates his current abilities. I'm not saying he's right, mind you. I think he is simply unwilling to admit he's losing the battle (at long last) with time.

The Twins have played three games since Aaron Hicks came off the DL. Of the four "regular" outfielders now active, Hicks is the one who started all three games. Byron Buxton sat Friday, Hunter on Saturday and Eddie Rosario on Sunday, against one of the league's best lefties. I imagine that Hicks will sit today at Kansas City against Yolando Ventura. Paul Molitor will start this playing guys evenly for a bit, then narrow somebody's PT.


An idle thought struck me during Sunday's game: What is somebody named "Dallas" doing starring for a Houston team?


The Monday print column compares the shutdown of prime Twins prospect Jose Berrios with the controversy in New York over Matt Harvey's concern over possible overuse in his Tommy John return.

Harvey was roundly ripped in the New York media this weekend, and there is growing speculation that he will be traded during the offseason as a result. Which reminds me that the Mets were supposedly casting around for a shortstop earlier in the year and haven't really solved the position,

Harvey for Eduardo Escobar? Much as I like Escobar, if I'm the Twins I do that deal in a heartbeat. The linked piece above suggests Brian Dozier as a potential target, and I'd be good with that too, considering that Jorge Polanco is about as ready as he'll ever be and probably ought to be a second baseman in the majors. But I doubt that no matter how unhappy the Mets front office may be with Harvey over this spat that they're seriously going to trade him.


  1. Wouldn't you give them both Dozier and Escobar for Harvey?

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