Friday, September 4, 2015

Another crucial road trip

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, the Twins started a road trip that posed particular peril to their postseason ambitions: New York, Baltimore, Tampa Bay. They emerged from that gauntlet with a winning record and even a sense of missed opportunities.

Today they begin another such trip, this one through two division leaders (Houston and Kansas City) and a disappointing White Sox team that nevertheless has solid starting pitching and is therefore dangerous.

If they can survive this three-city trip, the schedule gets easier. They have two series left with Detroit, which appears to be folding up shop; two series with Cleveland, another team whose lineup and bullpen has betrayed the starting rotation; one series with the fading Angels; and a season-ending set with the Royals, who will likely be more concerned with health and setting up their rotation for Round 1 than with piling up more Ws.

But all that lies after the immediate task -- staying in the hunt for at least the final wild card berth with Glen Perkins out (the closer's back siezed up Wednesday morning and he's not traveling) and Miguel Sano hobbled.

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