Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Sunday Funnies

Wilcy Moore had one big year as a major league pitcher, but it was for one helluva team: The 1927 Yankees. Moore, a 30-year-old rookie, went 19-7 and led the American League in ERA that year. In his other five seasons, Moore was 32-37 with a 4.33 ERA.

Moore was also a dreadful hitter, and before the 1927 season Babe Ruth put up $300 to Moore's $100 that Moore wouldn't get three hits all season. Moore got six hits (batting average of .080), and Ruth paid off.

That winter, Moore sent Ruth a note from his farm: "The $300 came in handy. I used it to buy a fine pair of mules. I named one Babe and the other Ruth."

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