Friday, February 6, 2015

Kennys Vargas and the base on balls's Rhett Bollinger reports that Kennys Vargas had a goal while playing winter ball in his native Puerto Rico: Be more patient at the plate.

So he drew 33 walks (with 30 strikeouts) in 37 games. Which is nothing like his MLB ratio last season: 12 walks and 63 strikeouts in 53 games (234 at-bats).

Obviously, there is a big difference between the pitching in the American League and the pitching in the Puerto Rican winter league. But just as obviously, he did take a more patient approach.

I hardly expect him to have more walks than strikeouts. But I do think he should be expected to draw more walks. He certainly did in the minors. Last year in Double A before his call up, he was averaging about a walk for every 10 official at-bats (43 BB, 405 AB); in 2013, in high A, 50 walks, 520 at-bats. But after his call-up it was closer to one walk for every 20 at-bats, and that's just not sustainable.

Better strike-zone judgment is an imperative for the big guy. His minor league record suggests he has it. His winter league emphasis suggests he gets it.

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  1. It is reassuring that Vargas appears to have the maturity to see this was worth working on.