Monday, September 29, 2014

End of the season

The Twins would have liked to keep the Tigers from clinching the division title on the field this weekend in Detroit. They couldn't quite do that.

The Twins did split the four-game series. They did win the season series (10-9). They did outscore the Tigers by 17 runs head-to-head for the season, which would suggest a much better record than 10-9.

But Detroit won 90 games and a fourth straight division title, while the Twins won 20 games fewer and finished last.

Brian Dozier sees better days:

Dozier has said things that I disagree with (for example, that Derek Jeter is the greatest player ever). On this, I think he's right. There is real reason for optimism about the future this offseason.

The growth of the Twins lineup this year was impressive. Anybody watching the slow veteran bats in spring training -- Jason Kubel, Josh Willingham, Jason Bartlett -- had to wonder how the Twins would even match 2013's dismal run production. The 2014 Twins outscored their 2013 selves by more than 100 runs, and things really picked up when the old guys gave way to the new blood.

And I think Dozier -- and the others who were in camp early -- remembers what he saw from Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton before their injuries. They are the "couple of new things around the corner." This was a lost season for the two megaprospects, but their talent is undeniable, and they are coming, if a year later than expected.

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