Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Oswaldo Arcia and Jason Kubel

The Twins on Wednesday reactivated Oswaldo Arcia from the disabled list and optioned him to Triple A Rochester. (Today marked the end of Arcia's rehab stint, so a move had to be made.)

Arcia is hitting .308/.349/.487 for the Red Wings, but the Twins front office told reporters that's not good enough:

OK, he struck out in about a fourth of his Triple A at-bats entering Wednesday's play. Jason Kubel has struck out in more than a third of his at-bats this season, and the rate is getting worse as time goes on.

Every at-bat Kubel gets in the majors while a healthy Arcia rakes in Triple A is an affront to the future of this team. And to the fans who aren't so enamoured with the nostalgic approach to the roster.

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  1. Sounds like the organization wants to make Arcia more accountable. A laudable goal. Kubel is not the future of the team.