Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Late Night: Twins 5, San Diego 3

Kurt Suzuki (8) slides home after an unnecessary
sprint around the bases in the eighth inning. 
Box score here.

Game story here

OK, Kurt Suzuki's inside-the-park homer in the eighth inning really did clear the left field fence. It's more memorable this way, with the Twins catcher sprinting his way around the bases while Padres outfielder Seth Smith lollygagged. Smith knew what the umpire didn't: That ball was out.

And, of course, there's no sense in reviewing it. Either way, Suzuki has a home run.

Other comments on Tuesday's West Coast game that lasted well past midnight here:

* Kevin Correia was perfect through four innings, then highly imperfect in the fifth, then threw another shutout inning in the sixth. Jared Burton came in with two on and no outs in the seventh to save Brian Duensing's bacon.

The great Joe Posnanski wrote recently about a proposed alternative to the current wins-losses system, and it makes a good bit of sense. I wondered if what Pos calls the "Tango" would give the win to Burton. Answer: No. Correia's six-inning, three-runs outing would still trump Burton, six points to three. Burton gets no extra credit for stranding those two inherited runners.

* Those are some ugly batting averages in the Padres lineup: The cleanup hitter (Chase Headley, who in 2012 led the National League in RBIs) is at .194, and that was followed by averages of .200, .163, .193 and .204. And by and large, those are full-time players, guys who've had some success in the majors. It's like looking at a 1968 lineup. Incredible.

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