Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pic of the Week

Ben Garvin of the Pioneer Press captured the moment
Friday as Glen Perkins zipped himself back up on the mound.
It was quite the week for Glen Perkins: His first All-Star team (may there be more), even if he didn't pitch; then, on Friday, he realized after getting the first two outs that his fly was undone; then, on Saturday, after converting his second save in as many nights, the Cleveland Indians twitter feed called him Scott Perkins.

Perkins, I'm guessing, had been told by Jim Leyland in advance that he was low on the list of pitchers to be used Tuesday, because he told reporters before the game that he wasn't sure he'd get into the game. And he took the fly incident with good humor — he's now using the above image as his Twitter avatar. (Garvin didn't use the photo in print, it appears, but he did tweet it, and it got numerous retweets.)

But that the Indians have such regard for him that they don't know his name ... that probably stung a bit.


  1. Our longtime sports columnist at my former paper went to the local minor league team's ballpark because several Angels players were going to be there, including Troy Percival. In the column he wrote, he misspelled every Angels player's name, but the most egregious was Percival's, which he spelled "Max Pervical." From that day on, Percival was forever known as Max on the sports desk.

  2. The acorn does not fall far.......HaHa! Dud