Friday, July 26, 2013

Late night: Mariners 8, Twins 2

Kevin Correia walks back to the rubber as Nick Franklin
rounds the bases with his three-run homer in the second
inning. Correia didn't get through the inning.
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This one was over early.

Kevin Correia gave up six runs in the second inning Thursday night; he faced 13 batters, eight of whom reached base, four of them with extra base hits. Not a good start by any standard.

Correia ended April with an 2.33 ERA; it's now 4.56 and rising. His ERA since the start of May is 5.60.

I had hoped that he'd be pitching well enough to draw some trade interest this month; I can't imagine that happening.

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  1. Note to both Correia and Gibson - 1st pitch balls over 50% of the time and 2-0 counts are bad. See Romero, Rincon, and Crane for examples of what happens to those who can't seem to ever stay ahead, they tend to 'walk' out of the stadium onto the waiver wire. Please start getting ahead of the batters (unless they are known to 'Delmon Young' the strike zone), then you can be all tricky and stuff.