Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sunday Funnies

Joe Pepitone has been traded to the Cubs, and his new manager, Leo Durocher, knows him only by reputation. Durocher's been in the National League, Pepitone in the American. So when Pepi reports, Leo sits down with him and they discuss such topics what positions he can play (first base and outfield) and Pepi's abilities as a base runner.

Pepitone assures Durocher that he can steal bases, and when Pepi gets a hit in his first game, Leo decides to test this claim. He has third base coach Peanuts Lowry give him the steal sign -- a wink.

Pepitone doesn't go. Next pitch, Lowry winks again at the baserunner; again Pepitone ignores the steal sign.

Third pitch, Lowry again winks at Pepitone, and this time Pepi responds: He blows Lowry a kiss.

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