Saturday, January 26, 2013

Notes, quotes and comment

Carl Pavano went 2-5,
6.00 last season in
11 starts.
I forgot to mention Carl Pavano in Thursday's post about ex-Twins of recent vintage who have found little demand for their services this winter. On Thursday came word that Pavano suffered a ruptured spleen while snow shoveling in Vermont. He remains unsigned, and with this injury, he's likely to remain unsigned into the season.


In a long story on international signings in their Feb. 5 issue, Baseball America notes that the Twins have invested $150,000 in Johan Quezada, an 18-year-old right-handed pitcher from the Dominican Republic. Quezada, says the magazine's Ben Badler, is most notable for his projection: He's 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds. He throws now in the upper 80s, but if/as he gains weight and strength, that may well rise. He's definitely a project.


A couple of items tweeted out of Day 1 of Twins Fest: 

*General manager Terry Ryan told the AP's Jon Krawczynski the Twins aim to have Joe Mauer catch 120 games this year. He caught 74 last season (started 72), a workload that had many viewing him as transitioning out from catcher. 

It should be noted, however, that Mauer has only once started at least 120 games behind the plate (2008) and only one other time (2006) has he appeared in 120 games behind the plate (119 starts and one relief appearance). I'd love to see Mauer a truly regular catcher again, but I'll believe 120 games for him back there when I see it.

*Miguel Sano has apparently grown an inch since his last official measurement and will be listed this year as 6-foot-4. His increasing bulk is a big reason for the doubts that he can play third base in the majors when his time comes.

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