Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday Funnies

Satchel Paige is lounging in the Cleveland Indians bullpen circa 1949, bucking up the young Mike Garcia. Garcia is nervous because the Tribe is playing the hard-hitting Boston Red Sox, and he's been told he's likely to be used in relief.

A Red Sox pinch-hitter singles, and Dom DiMaggio comes up. "Now this guy is a mess," Paige tells Garcia. DiMaggio singles.

Up comes Johnny Pesky. Paige snorts. "Pesky! Who ever said that man could hit?" Pesky singles to load the bases and bring up Ted Williams. Indians shortstop-manager Lou Boudreau goes to the mound.

"Now we're in good shape," Paige tells the worried Garcia — and then Boudreau turns to the bullpen and signals, not for Garcia, but for Paige.

Ol' Satch falls silent, then sadly reaches for his glove. Before heading out to the mound, he tells the suddenly relieved Garcia:

"Son, just remember: When you're disputing the Red Sox, put your faith in the power of prayer."

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