Saturday, December 15, 2012

Losing out on John Lannan

John Lannan went 42-52, 4.01, over six seasons with
the Washington Nationals.
John Lannan, the No. 2 guy on my list of free-agent pitchers who might be in the Twins price range, has agreed to pitch for the Phillies: One year, $2.5 million guarantee, up to $2.5 million in bonuses, all pending the proverbial physical.

That's the kind of contract that would have made the Kevin Correia signing palatable.

Lannan's not a great pitcher either, but he's left-handed, gets ground balls and is more durable than Correia.

Plus he appears to be cheaper.

That last point, however, may be an illusion.

Lannan may figure that he can achieve those bonuses -- which makes 2013 a $5 million deal, followed by a return to free agency. Plus he stays in the easier National League, in the division he's familiar with. And he'll be with a team that still sees itself as a contender.

Yes, he got $7.5 million less in guaranteed money, but he may figure he'll make that difference up. Earn the bonuses and he's even with Correia, and he's free to hit the market again.

If that's his thinking, the Twins weren't going to land him for Correia's deal.

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