Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pic of the Week

Three-year-old Christian Haupt, who has a small role
in "That's My Boy," throws out the first pitch Tuesday
at Dodger Stadium.

I seldom go to the movies, and am not likely to shell out any coin to see an Adam Sandler flick, so I knew nothing of this young "actor" before seeing this photo.

Turns out the youngster is absolutely obsessed with baseball, and apparently pretty good at it. Last year, when he was two, his parents put a video of him swinging a bat on YouTube; a week later, he'd been cast as a baseball prodigy for "That's My Boy." 

From what I gather, the movie isn't necessarily anything the kid's going to want to be associated with in the future. But it's a good guess he's more interested in baseball than acting anyway.

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