Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Byron Buxton, top GCL prospect

Byron Buxton in high school.
Baseball America is going through its top-prospects by leagues rundown. Tuesday's league was the Gulf Coast League, a complex-based rookie league in Florida. (Monday was the Arizona complex league; the Twins aren't involved in that one.)

No real surprise that the top prospect in the GCL was the Twins' Byron Buxton, the No. 2 overall pick last June. The No.1 pick, Carlos Correa, was also in the GCL and was the No. 2 prospect. Neither stayed in the GCL long; both moved on to the Appy League. (Correa went ahead of Buxton for financial reasons; Buxton was the consensus top talent.)

Buxton hit just .216 in his stint at Fort Myers; for that matter, Correa hit just .232. Nobody's too wound up about GCL stats, though.

My guess is that both will top the Appy League rankings when they come out.

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