Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pic of the Week

Our old friend Michael Cuddyer and a vivid Denver
sky. I assume the various wildfires in Colorado have
something to do with the coloring.

I don't suppose Michael Cuddyer expected things to be worse on his new team than on his old one, but the Rockies entered the weekend four games behind the Twins.

When you're 31-51, it seems unlikely that anyone can (or should) claim to be having a good season. Cuddyer came into the weekend with 12 homers and a slash line of .266/.317/.483 —which is a lower on-base percentage and higher slugging percentage than we're used to seeing from the long-time Twin, but a OPS (on-base plus slugging) five points from his career OPS.

But this season he's in Coors Field, and that matters.

  • Cuddyer 2012 at home: .283/.351/.520
  • Cuddyer 2012 on the road: .246/.278/.440

The Twins essentially "traded," via free agency, Cuddyer for Josh Willingham. Willingham has been the better hitter just off the raw numbers, even without accounting for the distortions created by the difference between Coors Field and Target Field. Willingham is also less expensive. And the Twins landed an extra draft pick out of it, which translated into J.O. Berrios. It's far too soon to say what Berrios will amount to, but on the whole, it was a good move by the Twins.

Which doesn't make me less fond of Cuddyer. I hope he's happy with the choice he made, and I hope he does well. And I still expect that if he so desires, he will someday be a major league manager.

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