Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Joe Mauer, All Star first baseman

Joe Mauer singles leading off the ninth inning in
his only All-Star Game at-bat Tuesday.

Well, the drama got sucked out of that All-Star Game in a hurry. After the first inning, the only things that could pique my interest was (a) trying to determine the most nonsensical thing to come out of Tim McCarver's mouth and (b) Joe Mauer's appearance.

My choice for the former would be some babble during Elvis Andrus' ninth inning at-bat about all the different versions of "Kansas City" and Andrus being the only Elvis to play in the World Series. Identifying Fernando Rodney's change-up as a tailing fastball was pretty good too. But there were probably other highlights that I missed, because I was working and only occasionally had the opportunity to really listen.

And Mauer entered as a first baseman, got one at-bat, and singled to center. Which makes him 3-for-9 in All-Star games. Not that there's any great significance to that.

Waiting for Mauer to play is an example of why baseball is loathe to give up the every-team-is-represented rule. They don't want to snub a media market and lose viewers. (Although that happened to Miami this year; the injury to Gioncarlo Stanton wound up removing the only Miami Marlin on the NL roster.)

But hey, it counts, right?

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