Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling a draft: Mid-May edition

Baseball America today posted its first mock draft.

BA, as I've said frequently, generally provides a good sense of the scouting consensus. Their take on the 2012 draft:
  • It's not a particularly strong or deep draft field, certainly not as good as 2011;
  • Bryon Buxton, a high school outfielder from Georgia, is probably the player atop most team's draft lists;
  • The Astros, the only team picking in front of the Twins, are thought likely to take a college pitcher in search of a more rapid return on the investment.

So BA has the Twins taking Buxton with the second overall pick. A raw, toolsy outfielder isn't exactly an area of organizational need, but if he's the guy atop their board and he's there, they should take him.

We'll see where this goes in the next month. The draft that matters is in June.

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