Friday, May 18, 2012

Beloit and attendance

Before I leave Beloit for the wonders of Iowa ...

Wednesday's announced attendance was 460. There is no missing digit there: Four hundred sixty. And that number seemed high. It was an audience of dozens.

The park had more people in it Thursday for an 11 a.m. start, boosted by groups from three schools. There were eight school buses in the parking lot after the game. Apparently the kids counted as paid attendance: 1,202.

Entering Thursday, Beloit was averaging 449 people per game, so Wednesday's turnout was actually a bit better than usual. Even the Thursday turnout was well below the average for most teams in the Midwest League.

It's by far the league's worst attendance record, and this with the most exciting player in the league on the roster. Something's not working there.


  1. Ed heard that the area where the ballpark is is not the most savory area - maybe that contributes to the lack of attendance? Anyway - heading there myself in June and it sounds like Sano / Rosario will still be there. Happy travels!

  2. Looks anything but unsavory to me, esp. compared to some of the other Midwest League parks we've been to in the past.

  3. Ok will keep that in mind, thanks! Just had a friend who went out there last year and he said not to hang around after a night game

  4. The Twins MWL affiliate next year will be here in Cedar Rapids, You heard it here first... or second... or 10th... whatever. But I know there is mutual interest.