Sunday, March 4, 2012

Try, try again

Joel Zumaya isn't giving up on
his pitching career yet.
Joel Zumaya told the Twins on Sunday that he will have Tommy John surgery and attempt once again to resuscitate his pitching career.

Which makes sense. Even if all he can get next year is the same low-guarantee money he got this year ($400,000), that's still pretty good coin by the standards of most of us non-pro-jock types. He's not likely to match that as a pro fisherman (which he mentioned as a possible alternative in the immediate wake of his injury).

Zoom-Zoom broke in to the majors in 2006. Assuming that he's averaged $450,000 a year -- which is less than the current minimum, but more than the minimum was when he reached Detroit -- that's well over $3 million. I have no idea how well he's managed his money, of course, but one would hope that he doesn't have to pitch for financial reasons.

Anyway ... the Twins haven't made a move with him yet and don't have to until the end of spring training. If they release him before the season starts, he gets just the $400,000; after that, as I understand it, the full $850,000 becomes guaranteed. I would expect them to release him unless he signs another team-friendly deal for 2013

No matter what the Twins do, they get to pay for his surgery and rehab.

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