Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures in Baseball Reference sponsorships

Glen Perkins,
you're my man on
Baseball Reference
this year.
It's that time of year again, when this blog has to decide what page(s) on Baseball Reference to sponsor.

Two years ago I did three pages: Michael Cuddyer, Terry Steinbach and Gene Larkin. When the prices for those three went up, I let the sponsorships lapse -- and wound up busting my budget for 2011 on Joe Mauer.

That worked about as well for me as it did for the Twins.

I said at the time that I was unlikely to re-up on that one, and when the new price tag ($240) came in an e-mail recently I started looking elsewhere.

I remain baffled by B-R's pricing mechanism. Here are the price tags on a few available Twins/ex-Twins:

  • Justin Morneau, $135
  • Jamey Carroll, $205
  • Jason Kubel, $225
  • Matt Capps, $95
  • Francisco Liriano, $90
  • Carl Pavano, $80
  • Alexi Casilla, $50
  • Roy Smalley, $30
  • Steinbach, $30
  • Cuddyer, $550

Five hundred fifty dollars? For Cuddyer? Really?

I went with Glen Perkins at $35. There are a couple of guys who might make the team I may make a play on if they do.

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  1. For $550 dollars I have a feeling you could rent the actual Michael Cuddyer to bowl with you, or drink beer at your house or something.

    I was toying around with doing a sponsorship but haven't done it yet, mostly due to those crazy prices.