Friday, November 11, 2011

Wilson Ramos, still missing

Fans in Valencia, Venezuela, hold a vigil Thursday night
outside the ballpark for the kidnapped Wilson Ramos.
We're almost two full days into the abduction of former Twins catcher Wilson Ramos, and the news is ... nothing.

Venezuelan police said Thursday that he's still alive. On Friday they denied reports that his body has been found. If there has been any contact between abductors and anybody else, it hasn't been made public (and probably shouldn't.)

I have a bad sense about this the longer it goes on.

Here's a good Tom Powers (Pioneer Press) column on the Twins and their dwindling connections to Venezuela.


  1. Jerry Crasnick of reports that the Twins are closing in on a multi-year deal with free agent infielder Jamey Carroll.
    The specifics of the deal aren't known yet. Carroll is expected to take over the shortstop duties for the Twins. The veteran infielder batted .290 with a .359 on-base percentage in 2011 and will turn 38 in February.

  2. If the Phillies sign both Papelbon and Cuddy, which team gets the Phillies' first round pick?

  3. team with the higher ranked FA player.

    think that is Papelbon over Cuddyer.

  4. Another aspect is the very real possibility that the rules will change with the soon-to-be announced labor deal. It's possible that nobody will lose draft picks, but that extra ones will be minted and awarded.