Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's eat
Time for my annual Thanksgiving post with a photo of a long-since devoured bird.

Last year I expressed thanks ... well, let's just repeat the relevant paragraph:

I am grateful that the team of which I am a fan is a chronic contender with stable, sober, competent management, grateful that the team injects drama into my life through what it does on the playing field rather than the clubhouse, courtroom or Internet scandal sites.

Some of that is still relevant. After a 99-loss season and a change of general managers, some of it isn't.

As difficult as the 2011 season was for Twins fans (not to mention the Twins players and management), I remain thankful for all the pleasure the game of baseball has given me over the years, and for the promise of more to come.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

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  1. What a difference a year makes, but many of the bigger things--in life as in baseball--hold true. Best to you and your family, even as you are missing your Dad.