Thursday, August 18, 2011

You don't want to be Luke Hughes right now

The readily confused
Luke Hughes
The Twins spent the series in Detroit shorthanded. For whatever reasons, they waited until today to do anything but wait on Michael Cuddyer's neck, Denard Span's head and Matt Tolbert's wrist. And with Jason Kubel leaving the team today for a family emergency, the Twins were down to a bench of zero healthy position players.

So they finally put Span on the disabled list and called up Luke Hughes. (They're still waiting on Cuddyer and Tolbert.)

And they still have zero healthy position players in reserve. Hughes went to the wrong airport gate and missed his flight to the Twin Cities. Amazing.

And that's why Joe Mauer is playing right field tonight, and why it's going to be very difficult to pinch run for Jim Thome.

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