Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pic of the Week

Prince Fielder after a seventh-inning RBI single on
Friday. No, I don't understand what he's doing either.

Prince Fielder is having a Prince Fielder season: Hitting around .300, leading the National League in RBIs and intentional walks. At this point, 2011 will mark the third time that he'll be top five in on-base percentage, slugging percentage and RBIs.

He's one of those players whose run-of-the-mill season makes him an MVP candidate, and will probably not win the award until he has a season that's even bigger than usual. If you give him the MVP for this year, why didn't he get it in 2007, when he hit 50 homers? Or in 2009, when he drove in 141 runs?

One thing that is out of the ordinary for him: He's drawn more walks than strikeouts.

I'm pretty sure I've written this already, but: Fielder is almost five years younger than Albert Pujols. Both men will be free agents this winter. Pujols has clearly been the greater player — but with the age difference, one can make a reasonable case that Fielder is the one to sign to a long-term contract.


Twins tragic number: 13

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