Saturday, February 26, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Look, ma: Big-league meal money!
The AP on Friday moved literally dozens of mug shots from Twins training camp — stars, coaches, reserves, non-roster invitees — and  I spent a chunk of Saturday morning pulling and saving them.

All of them. I'm not likely to ever need a photo of Jair Fernandez (non-roster catcher) for the blog, but it might be more useful than a fresh mug of Joe Mauer. I have plenty of photos of Mauer. Fernandez, not so much.

But I was struck by the goofiness of this photo of Dan Rohlfing. He's a catcher who's been kicking around in the lower levels of the Twins farm system for four seasons now, has a career high of 152 plate appearances. You spend four years as a bench player in Rookie and A ball, you're probably not going anywhere.

But here he is in big league camp. The Twins are protecting Mauer's post-surgical knee, and their regular season bullpen catcher is back home for the birth of a child, and somebody's got to catch all these bullpen sessions.

So Rohlfing, who wasn't slated to be here, got a call, and he was there for photo day. This is as close to The Show as he's likely to get, and it won't last long. But he's enjoying it.

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