Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poll results: We love Bert Blyleven

Last week's poll was about the former Twins players and managers on the various Hall of Fame ballots.

It drew 34 responses and 71 total votes; respondents could vote for more than one of the six.

Bert Blyleven (above) was an overwhelming consensus choice for induction: 32 for the 34 (94 percent) want the Dutch Master in. If only the writers were so wise ...

Nobody else was particularly close to a majority. Tom Kelly had 13 votes (38 percent), Jack Morris has 11 (32 percent) and Billy Martin four (11 percent). One person said none of the six names deserved the honor.

Nobody voted for either Gene Mauch or Mike Jackson. And yeah, I hear you on the mere fact that Mike Jackson is on the ballot. A good short relief pitcher for a long time, but no way a Hall of Famer.

This is where I usually tell you that a new poll is up, But frankly, I haven't a good idea for one. If the Twins make a move during the Winter Meetings this week, I'll put up a poll on it, but for now, we'll go without.

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