Sunday, December 13, 2009

Non-tendered in the night

Here is a list of the 39 non-tendered players who are now free agents.

Giving it a quick eyeballing, the outfielders offer the most promisng prospecting for the Twins.

A few outfielders who might interest the Twins as more experienced alternatives to Jason Pridie as the fifth outfielder/backup CF: Jeremy Reed, Corey Sullivan, Ryan Langerhans, Alfredo Amezaga, Ryan Church.

In terms of a starting infielder — which is certainly a higher priority than an outfield reserve — there's nothing here that interests me. Kelly Johnson (second baseman) rates better with me than Garrett Atkins (third baseman), but the Twins don't exactly need another left-handed hitter.

The plus side for the Twins is that their presence in the market may depress the asking price of more palatable players.

As for the pitchers ... the guys who can pitch on this list probably can't, because they're injured — Chien-Ming Wang, Jose Arredondo. Or, like Matt Capps, they are fit for a role (RH short relief) the Twins have well stocked.

They might have an interest in Neal Cotts as a LOOGY. Or maybe not.

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