Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning comin' down

Tragic number entering Sunday: 16. Twins lose, Tigers lose. Stop me if you've heard this before.

The Twins entered Saturday 12th in the 14-team American league in starter's ERA (4.84); 11th in innings pitched by starters; and 10th in strikeouts. Decidedly below average.

One strong point: They were (and still are) first in fewest walks allowed.

So how'd they lose Saturday? The starter (Jeff Manship, right) walked the first two batters in the fifth inning; they both came around to score.


Poll results: One the question of who should be in the Twins rotation next season, we had 15 respondents. Eight (53 percent) said Brian Duensing; five (33 percent) said Francisco Liriano; one each (6 percent) said Carl Pavano and Glen Perkins; zero opted for Manship, Anthony Swarzak or none of the above.

I have to figure the Perkins vote came from a diehard Minnesota chauvinist, bound to take the Stillwater native against the out-of-staters. Either that or a White Sox fan.

New poll up.

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