Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poll and a Peavy sighting

The poll on which one of the current middle infielders is the best bet for 2010 drew 18 votes.

The leader was: None of the above. Six respondents (33 percent) wanted a completely fresh middle infield.

Five (27 percent) said Alexi Casilla; three (16 percent) Brendan Harris; and two each (11 percent) want Orlando Cabrera and Nick Punto.

Let it be noted here that Ron Gardenhire is going with Cabrera and Punto in this late-season run. They're also the oldest of the five middle infield choices he has on hand (including Matt Tolbert, who I didn't include in the poll).

New poll up.


Jake Peavy (above) on Saturday made his much-awaited White Sox debut, about seven weeks after Chicago traded four pitchers for him and far too late for him to make a difference in the divisional race.

So the slumping Sox promptly exploded for 13 runs, and the Chicago Tribune story suggests his presence sparked the offense.

I'm guessing the presence of the Kansas City Royals pitching staff had more to do with it.

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