Monday, January 30, 2017

Contemplating Glen Perkins

Two concepts that seem difficult for some to hold simultaneously:

  • Glen Perkins' rehab from his shoulder surgery is proceeding as scheduled, with no setbacks;
  • Glen Perkins may open the 2017 season on the disabled list.

The word out of TwinsFest during the weekend: Perkins,who has spent much of January in Fort Myers, is throwing balls 120 feet at about 75 percent effort. He has not thrown off a mound yet, but expects to do so before training camp officially opens. 

Perkins, via the Pioneer Press's Mike Berardino:  “It’s going to be down to the finish line at the end of spring training whether I’m ready or not.” And: "I’ve been able to check every box. Every day, whatever was scheduled that day, I’ve been able to do.

Obviously, we'll see in the coming weeks if those last two sentences remain true as more is scheduled.

I've said this before: The Twins should not be expecting the All-Star Perkins this year. Indeed, if last summer's surgery involved reattaching his labrum (as reported in this piece from Derek Wetmore of ESPN 1500). just getting back to a major league mound would be impressive. Shoulders are difficult.

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  1. Any thoughts on the rumors about bringing back Morneau and Breslow?