Saturday, January 30, 2016

Condition not the real issue with Arcia

Pat Reusse's column this morning out of TwinsFest is a month-early version of the spring training chestnut: So-and-so has spent the winter working out and is in marvelous condition.

The so-and-so in this case is Oswaldo Arcia. Pardon me while I don't care about Arcia's new workout regimen.

Oh, it may well be that a routine that increases flexibility will help him avoid the repeated injuries that have helped stall his career. But the slugger's career has stalled as least as much on his stubborn, all-or-nothing approach at the plate and his ineptitude afield.

This except from Reusse's column made me shake my head:

Asked if he felt his brother would be in the big leagues this season, Oswaldo nodded his head. As for his chance with the Twins, Oswaldo responded in Spanish and Andy the Barber relayed the answer: 
“He knows what he can do with the glove. He knows what he can do with the bat. He has worked hard every day to be in the big leagues.’’

"He knows what he can do with the glove." I know what I've seen him do with the glove, and it's not good.  This is still the guy who got skulled by a foul fly a couple years back.

Arcia's 25. He's out of options. He has the single biggest tool an outfielder can have, which is power. All this points to him making the roster. And yet, I'd rather see Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler playing. That's four guys for three outfield spots.

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  1. The problem with having all these young guys arriving at about the same time to the big leagues, is that none of them are really finished products. Arcia seems to want be a big home run guy, most of the others really don't know what will work for them in the big leagues. It is probably part of the reason for bringing back Plouffe. If he is healthy, you have a pretty good idea what he will do. Even though the ceiling is largely higher for all the young guys, who knows when or if they will reach it. If you think you can contend this year, it is nice to a have a few guys whose name can be written in the lineup card with ink.

    In regard to your posts about lefthanders, I agree. The Twins should be able to find somebody or somebodies useful out of the group to get a few outs a week. My only quibble would be Rogers. I believe they will keep him starting, at least at the beginning of the year. Although he may be ninth on the list of starters right now, there will be changes. Somebody, probably May will go into the bullpen. Nolasco or Milone could be traded. All of sudden Berrios and Rogers are sitting at AAA one and one-A as next in line to start. Rogers probably should be looked at as potential starter at least at the beginning of the year. I don't think there is much behind him until some of the A-level arms like Stewart and Gonsalves get closer to the big leagues.