Thursday, February 6, 2020

Everybody going to Boston, step forward. Not so fast, Graterol.

The word late Wednesday/early Thursday was that the Twins portion of the big Mookie Betts trade -- aka the Brusdar Graterol trade -- had snagged up on Graterol's medical history.

Apparently the Red Sox now doubt that the hard-throwing right-hander has a a future as a starting pitcher. Whoever would have imagined that?

I guess I can understand the Red Sox's new front office leadership not being completely plugged into the Twins, especially since they had to wrestle with the implications of the Houston scandal around the time the Twins made it known that Graterol's 2020 would be spent in the bullpen. But I would also have thought that they have access to search engines.

From ESPN:

Alternative options to complete a deal exist, according to sources. The players involved could be amended, as could the amount of money Boston is sending to Los Angeles to cover a portion of the $96 million still owed Price. The Dodgers and Red Sox could theoretically opt for a two-team deal or involve a different third team; Graterol is currently with the Twins. 
The likelihood of the trade of Betts to the Dodgers blowing up altogether, sources said, is slim ...
Yeah, the Red Sox are pretty much committed to that now. It's the Graterol-Kenta Maeda portion that's in jeopardy, and I have no idea how much the Twins love that exchange. Are they itching to dump Graterol's risk for the relative certainty of Madea, or do they genuinely fear that this could blow up in their face long-term? Either is plausible, but if the latter it's easier for Falvine to walk away from it rather than sweeten the pot.


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  2. I think Boston should have known in advance Graterol was headed for the Relief Corps. The Twins have not kept it a secret.

    I think The Red Sox have a tarnished image over this. They are chiselers.

    Maybe after getting beat up by their fan base, they suddenly claim to have found a risk with Graterol and want more.

    From the Twins point of view, it would be hard to keep a player they traded. And, they do need a starter NOW. I take my hat off to the Dodgers for taking the high road.

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