Monday, October 28, 2019

Notes, quotes and comment (World Series edition)

Just one or two games left to the 2019 major league season. A few quick comments regarding the World Series so far:

* I came into the Series uncertain of who to root for. The Nationals have more former Twins, and I can't imagine any Twins fan with unkind thoughts about Brian Dozier in particular. The Astros, meanwhile, are building a case for themselves as a top-shelf dynasty, and it's always fun to see greatness establish itself.

Then the Astros front office made the decision easy with its abominable behavior.

They chose last year to acquire Roberto Osuna, a talented relief pitcher who probably committed a felony in Toronto and managed to avoid prosecution. They have been dishonest in their defense of that decision. They continued that dishonesty in attacking a critic.

*  Long as I'm quoting Twitter takes:

Agreed. I've had my own experience with debilitating back problems. And the competitive drive to high-level athletes like Scherzer is not to be underestimated.

Questioning the veracity of his injury is silly.

* There were eight managerial openings after the regular season. Three have been filled: Joe Maddon with the Angels, David Ross with the Cubs, Joe Girardi with the Phillies. Derek Shelton, the bench coach of the Twins, is reportedly still in the running with the Mets and the Pirates.

The Mets, being the Mets, will probably go with a bold-faced name this time around. I don't think the Pittsburgh job is one that offers a clear route to success.

* I've been watching the Series with the sound down, and unfortunately the At Bat app this year appears to have dropped the radio feeds for the postseason games. So I missed the "lock him up" chant that greeted President Trump at Game Five.

Booing presidents at World Series games is a time-honored tradition. It happens to them all. This takes it to a new level.

Trump, incidentally, is on track to be the first president since Taft to avoid throwing out a first pitch at a major-league game.

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  1. I see the Texas Rangers as the Minnesota Twins' sister team, since both are former Senators teams. (Also, they are the only AL teams named after their states, and both teams have caps with a prominent "T" on them.)

    And those guys *HATE* the "Asstros"! I have an online Rangers fan friend who transmitted that hatred to me years ago, so this just validates the hate.

    I'm considering not watching the last game(s). Hard not to, but some part of me doesn't want to see it.