Friday, April 26, 2019

Let's race

Perhaps you saw Rhys Hoskins' 34-second home run stroll the other night and already know the backstory: On Monday Philadelphia pitchers hit a pair of Mets batters. In the ninth inning Tuesday, Mets reliever Jacob Rhame threw two heaters in the vicinity of Hoskins' noggin. And on Wednesday, Hoskins faced Rhame again.

Hoskins homered, and then took what is believed to be the slowest home-run "trot" since 2010, when Larry Granillo started tracking such things. (David Ortiz had held the record.)

Some genius animated a "race" between Byron Buxton running out his inside-the-parker in August 2017. It is a thing of beauty:

Rhame was suspended Wednesday for two games, by the way.

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