Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sano's ugly slide

"When you start to slide, slide. He who changes his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one."

That is the fifth of Hall of Fame manager Joe McCarthy's "10 commandments," and it came to mind Tuesday night when Miguel Sano slid late and hard into second base and wound up riding a cart off the field.

The inelegant slide also involved bumping bodies, head and elbow with Houston shortstop Carlos Correa, who isn't as bulky as Sano but is considerably larger than the stereotypical middle infielder. 

Yet the report later in the game was largely positive. A bruised left shin, no fracture, status day-to-day. Considering that the bruised shin is the one that had a rod implanted last offseason because of a slow-healing stress reaction, I suspect the Twins will be cautious about playing Sano for a day or so.

He got away with one.

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