Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The record they deserve

"We're getting what we deserve." That simple sentence from Paul Molitor accurately described his Minnesota Twins after yet another merited defeat.

Brian Dozier won a Gold Glove last season at second base and was charged with five errors all season. He had four errors in April. Errors are a flawed measure of defense, but this is indicative of the sloppy play that has permeated the team this year.

Tuesday night's game was marked with a pair of wild pitches in a three-run 10th inning, and the young reliever who threw those balls past Mitch Garver, John Curtiss, was promptly returned to Rochester's roster after the game. Kyle Gibson gave the Twins only five innings, and the two most reliable relievers last month (Ryan Pressly and Addison Reed) each surrendered runs. It was a winnable game, and it was a loss the Twins deserved.

They are 7-16 on the young season, a .304 pace. That translates into 49-113 for a full season. It is the record they deserve.

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  1. Perhaps the front office marketing types should put the 'this is how we baseball' campaign on the shelf for awhile
    until they...well, you know. If not on the shelf perhaps add a question mark and a little emphasis. 'THIS is how we baseball?'