Sunday, May 21, 2017

Michael Cederoth, we hardly knew ye

Readers with a particularly good retention of what shows up here might remember that last September my wife and I went to Cedar Rapids to see the Kernels and I came home with a Michael Cederoth jersey.

I never actually saw the 2014 third-round pick pitch, but winning the jersey in a silent auction gave me a mild emotional investment in him. Then the news this weekend:

Cederoth, according to Baseball Reference, hadn't appeared in a game at any level this year, and he totaled just 128 innings in his minor league career, none higher than low-A ball. Presumably his career ran aground on injury.

The Twins invested a number of early draft picks in his class on college relievers: Nick Burdi in the second round, Cederoth in the third, Sam Clay in the fourth, Jake Reed in the fifth, John Curtiss in the sixth. The other four remain in the organization. None have made the majors yet, but Burdi and Curtiss have combined for 39 strikeouts and just one earned run allowed in their 30 innings in Double A.

They might make it someday. It may be premature to declare that Cederoth won't, but getting released certainly doesn't help his cause.

I don't often wear jerseys, but I wore my Cederoth one Saturday in tribute to a career that never really got going. Good fortune be with him the rest of his way.

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