Thursday, March 9, 2017

Contemplating Danny Santana

Danny Santana
played just 43 innings
in the infield for the
Twins last season.
The Twins beat Team USA Wednesday night despite Danny Santana doing Danny Santana things at shortstop.

Earlier this spring Patrick Reusse opined that Santana was the Twins best option for the shortstop job, a conclusion I consider(ed) ridiculous. Santana gave a pretty good demonstration of why that's so Wednesday night, first by shying away from a foul pop, then with a two-base throwing error.

To be sure, Jorge Polanco didn't throw well either; Joe Mauer dug out a couple of his throws. But Polanco at least offers a better bat than Santana does.

Santana's hot 2014, when he hit .319 in 430 plate appearances, continues to delude some into believing he's a usable hitter. Since then he's hit .227 (and worse, OBP'd .259) in 535 PA, and I suspect there's more where that came from.

The Twins do not have an optimal shortstop candidate on hand. But they certainly have better ones than Santana.

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