Friday, January 27, 2017

Notes, quotes and comment

Most prominent news nugget tweeted out of the Diamond Awards ceremony held Thursday night by the Twin Cities chapter of the BBWAA: Rod Carew, who had a heart/kidney double transplant a bit more than a month ago, may be released from the hospital today.

I haven't any idea if Sir Rodney will be able to make his annual spring training gig this year. He wasn't supposed to last year and showed up anyway. Whether he gets to Fort Myers or not, his continued recovery is devoutly desired.


The Twins, as we know, have the first pick in next June's amateur draft. They also, as should be expected, have the largest draft pool, according to Baseball America: just under $13.5 million.

The new labor deal changes the draft pool formula, bringing teams closer together and reducing the amounts alloted to the top picks; this is expected to limit the incentive for teams to "tank" in search of maximum flexibility.

The Twins have the first, 35th and 37th overall picks.

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