Saturday, April 16, 2016

Twins win, Twins win!

Miguel Sano and Eduardo Nunez had an ... incident ... in
short right field. Somehow, nobody was hurt.

It wasn't a particularly elegant W, but the Twins aren't complaining about it.

A few comments:

*Byung Ho Park doubled on Thursday. He doubled again Friday to bring home the winning run.
He's certainly had his struggles -- as has every hitter on the roster other than Joe Mauer and the the Eduardos, Escobar and Nunez -- but it's too early to write him off. Remember, this was always expected to involve a learning curve.

Perhaps as significant as the hits -- Park drew a walk as well Friday in a prolonged at-bat. (He also struck out; he's fanned at least once in each game he's played.)

Fangraphs posted this piece on Park's struggles  on Thursday.

* The Miguel Sano-Eduardo Nunez collision in right field looked worse than it was. Here again, the Sano project was always expected to involve a learning curve. In this case, though, there's a pretty good chance of somebody getting hurt if Sano is going to forego calling for balls in short right.

Yo ma tengo!

* Down in Rochester, Alex Meyer three six shutout innings without a walk. That's a good sign. Considering the shaky, if scoreless, outings by the back end of the Twins bullpen Friday and their previous struggles, any indication of possible help is welcome.

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