Thursday, January 28, 2016

The loss of a great nickname

Back in 1969, when I discovered baseball, the Chicago White Sox had an outfielder named Walt Williams. He hit .304 that year, albeit with almost no power or walks -- a good contact hitter who carved out a 10-year career largely as a pinch-hitter. 1969 was the closest he came to being a regular.

But that isn't really what he's remembered for. Williams had an odd physique, which included the impression that his head was connected directly to his shoulders, and he was universally known as "No-Neck." Walt No-Neck Williams.

Interviewer: "Why do they call you No-Neck?"
Williams: "Cuz I got no neck."

Williams died Saturday in Texas at age 72. His death was reported Wednesday. His nickname will live forever.

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  1. Nicknames themselves are going the way of the pat on the lower extremity...Yogi Sparky Lefty Moose Red Bombo Mudcat ...where have all the nicknames gone?